warm goat and tibbie "call me maybe" song oufit 7 ( edit tomboy goats page I want to be big)

yay!!!!!!! warm goat is so kind and tibbie is so cute I made this fan thing I love this goats my fave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tibbie is in the new one she does rare stuff she is my fave she has her own app I love it. its so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also like warm goat she is my all time fave until tibbie came and now I like both warm goat is still strong in the new one and kind has tibbie's mother my second fave is lazy goat and then pleasant goat then slow goat then pretty goat then fit goat. but my top fave are warm and talking tibbie!!!!!!!

so now new super star club with tibbie and her mom warm goat!

warm goat: kind, strong

tibbie: cute, fun

warm goat and tibbie has a club called warm goat and tibbie

super stars

pleasant goat had the idea to make them have a super star club

and slow goat made the music

lazy goat and pretty goat helped the others

fit goat gave pleasant goat hints

warm goat and tibbie super stars new song and club

best friends females pleasant goat classic leader

oufit7 free bouns I want to be big!!!

friends: pleasant goat, pretty goat, lazy goat ,fit goat, and slow goat

lazy goat also made the food free pizza (warm goat) free cupcakes (tibbie)

get free photos party rockers get these photos of warm goat and tibbie!!! they both are the only ones with make up!!! i love goats with make up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! party rocker girls!!!!!!!

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