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Warm Goat, as seen in Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: The Super Adventure

Warm Goat (Simplified Chinese: 暖羊羊) is not docile and a mean female goat who is presented to Happy Goat's class in school. She is revealed in the Olympics special kid version to possess special mountain goat genes, effectively making her the weakest goat in Goat Village above Fit Goat that may through a fit. She is the most sensible goat, but is sometimes over-talkative. Her meanness also means that she sometimes tries to boss and be evil. Grey Wolf and Red Wolf, which strangely never results in anything catastrophic.

Warm Goat is friends with Banana Wolf.

It is said that whatever unfortunate things Warm Goat says dose not comes true (this is especially the case if she warns that something is dangerous).

she wares the most make up and hugs every one ( but pretty goat is just an arse)

she is tibbies mom and wares the most make up of all the goats. tibbie may her kid. but tibbie and warm goat are best friends. so pretty goat is the only female goat that does not hang out.

warms saying in the pleasant goat movie sneak

yes dear.

oh yes i will.

nothing bad.

i will stay here.

oh tibbie thats cute.

ok ready.

boring. nope must go. i will just.


uh .. be nice guys

oh well nothing bad is happing. i will just use makeup and go home. bye dear.

la la la.

famliy: tibbie ( kid)

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warm goats flower

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warm goat sledding with lazy goat , fit goat ,and pleasant goat

warm goat

age: 14

species: goat

personality: warm, fat,strong

enemies: wolffy