This character is an female goat with an baseball cap an sweat shirt and pink pants.

she appeared in the app i want to be big form outfit7 ( bedtime story app) super star toys tom, angela and ginger, and tom boy goat.

you shloud get the app. it is the best app in the world. edit it now to help it grow.

she is pleasant goats cosin and plays on pleasants team. she can beat pleasant goat one second. she is ruff like an tom boy and loves fighting with fit goat. fit goat is tomboy goats number 1 best friend they live nest to each other and call each other cool nicknames. slow goat is tomboy goats teacher. just like pleasant goat and his friends. tomboy goat always runs in class and drives slow goat crazy. lazy goat may hang with tomboy goat. but tomboy hates hanging with him when he eats and sleeps. warm goat use to be tomboys coach. so tomboy goat and warm goat hangs alot with tomboy. tomboy goat always hates tibbie only sometimes she likes tibbie but still she adores by tibbie like ruthie goat does.

i want to be big can't wait to grow tall, the world is so high, why am i so small. i want to be big, big cats have it all, do whatever they want, why am i so small? if i was that big, id drive a real train, a tractor, a truck, or else fly plane! if i was that big, shout and sing, prance and dance. i could do anything! when you are small you can still sing and shout. you can prance and dance, you can do anything! when you are small you can still drive an train, tractor, truck even fly a plane! you can hold bigger hands when you are small, you can fly in the air, you can even be tall! i'll grow big in good time, but for right now, it's GREAT being small! the end.