she is is the most cutest goat in the village. she hates pretty goat. she has a crush on pleasant goat. she hangs with her mom warm goat. she has her own talking app. she likes singing. she likes dress up. she also likes recording and taking pictures. wants to dress lazy goat as a girl. fit goat hates her but she loves. she likes to ware pink horns and shoes. she is a cute ninja. she loves to hang with some one. when she is bored she sleeps or crys. she crys a lot. she wares the same makeup like pretty goat. she likes cake. she loves animals. she also loves flowers. when she and soft goat when she is cold she hugs soft goat or warm goat. tibbie is the only one who has her app. buy on talking toys SL on the app store. talking toys sl is not in china like the show is talking tibbie is an engish app. her and warm goat love playing with their dolls and she is shy and flirty female her closest female friend in pleasants goats tam is warm goat. tibbie always wears her pink shoes , pink bows , pink scraf, and pink antellers. she loves make up even to much. she wears more better clothes than pretty goat. she has fluffy puffs , bigger bows with polka dots,. she has a scarf like warm goat but they don't say it. when tibbie is sad she gets these things in her back. sometimes tibbie dose not go a lot because she hangs out with her enlish talking toys friends. she giggles dances and so much more she plays are piano to her friends. she likes taking photos and sending them to her friends. she well hug pleasant goat all day and she wants to marry him. she apears to wear a red dress sometimes or wear her clothes from the app

triva Edit

  • she has her own talking app
  • tibbie and warm goats treehouse has a picture of tibbie with a purple dress


pleasant goat.

soft goat.

warm goat.

slow goat.

fit goat

lazy goat

kit goat

ruthie goat

grace goat

fat goat

tibbies qoutes in the talking tibbie app.

hmm hei hei hei hei.

ha ha ha ha he ha ha ha ha ha ha

boing! ohhhh.

hmm ahh ( nature sounds)

ah ha waah

ah ha achaoo

mm mm boing.


where is thumpkin

im a little teapot


isty bisty spider

row the boat.


purses: red, star, flower, butterfly, hreat, royal and none.

bows: hreats, stars, flowers, butter flies, spring, crown, and none.

scarfs: hreat, star, flower, butter fly, leaf, swirl and none.

if you don,t pay attintion to her. sounds in app.

sleeping: huh. ah ha snoring. zzzzz

crying: da ha da ha da ha da ha