• words the goat ( my new oc) slow goat is the smartest goat and the mad scinetist, he may be in a bad mood and always wants the kids to listen during class.
  • words
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    (Traditional Chinese: 慢羊羊; also called giant goat head (村長) by the younger/older goats) chief of the goats.
  • triva
  • He is the slowest goat in the Goat Village. His speed always slow down others goats when escaping Grey Wolf.
  • His age was 100000000283293721378879222246722222222222222323298818288811922002023092814874333122192138271342688888888888749328329392200202020 ( he is not dead he was born on year 1)
  • he is old
  • he is a goat
  • he is smart
  • he is good
  • he is cool
  • he is smarter than any other goat
  • he can talk
  • he has powers
  • he is a super hero
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  • he has eyes
  • words
  • he has a head
  • he has a cane
  • he is a boy goat
  • he is on the this wiki
  • he is white
  • he is a goat
  • he is one of the main characters
  • giat the goat
  • he appeared in giat the goat all episodes but 9
  • he wears shoes
  • slowly is his english name
  • slowly can sing opera sounding like a female
  • slowly is slow
  • old goat
  • this artcile is stub
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slow goat is a white robot with a bread and glasses and you can edit the rest . there is not much about him
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this a picture of slow goat gender:female breed: goat he is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! friends: pleasant goat age: 10000000000000000000000000000 or up born: januray 1, year 1