Sleepy Goat.

Lazy Goat (Chinese: 懒羊羊) is a small goat wearing a yellow bib. He hates working and likes sleeping and eating, and due to his lazy nature he is often the first caught by Grey Wolf. He also has a habit of falling asleep whenever Grey Wolf catches the other goats. He has been revealed to hold a varying dumb low level of hidden talents throughout the show, including diving.  However, he is terrible at singing. He is best friends with Little Grey, Grey Wolf's son. He likes eating junk food like cake, chips, etc. he got grounded after eating junk once. In some episodes he was the only one with out super powers superpowers, but eventually got some but then lost them again. Although he gets in trouble often because of his lazy behavior, it sometimes is an time out for him (Exp. when he uses food to persuade himself to run to slow or falls asleep when he dives, in which the movement he makes is the same to what he's seeing in his night mare .) his best friend is his farts

saying in the happy goat movie.

( sleeping)


waaa stop. ahhh its a evil baby.

no im hungry.

fine. only if i



yeah yeah its just a camera.



sparky: don't eat that candy it's expired!


*hurting Lazy Goat*

🐐! Lazy goat has an website and can beat pleasant goat and pretty goat at an flying race 🏁


  • Under his bed, there are lots of smelly socks.
  • this hammock has shaped so lazy goat can dive in
  • he is very tibbie
  • he likes to play with tibbie
  • he likes to fart
  • his birthday is on the 4th of july

free time with lazy goat

PGABBWW welcome

lazy goat sleding with pretty goat , pleasant goat and fit goat


lazy goat

lazy sleppy goat , pleasant happy goat , pretty goat and fit fitty goat by the logo


lazy goat and pleasant goat

lazy goat and pleasant goat 2

age: 10

species: goat

breed: goat