she is really pretty and wares an red dress with flowers. she loves singing songs and her boyfriend is kit goat. kit goat is one year older than her. she wares more makeup than tibbie and warm goat.

she is taller than pleasant goat. she is not an much fan of pleasant. she just acts like she does. she hates running. she is in kit goats class. she sits in back row. she hates getting in the mud. but she is caring to her friends. like when some one hurts them she comes to tell the mean animals to be friends instead of being the bad guys. she one inch has crush on pleasant goat but more her boyfriend kit goat. she is one of the tallest goats of all. but she will never hurt. she loves hanging with her best friend warm goat and they have quit fancy dinners at night time. she baby sits warm goats child tibbie she loves tibbies filrty face. ruthie goat gives tibbie sweets for fun. she likes pretty goat. but she loves slow goat. she calls slow goat the worlds smart and best worker hero in world. she even lets slow goat water her plants any time! she calls lazy goat cute. she loves painting pictures of lazy goat always with no frowns. ruthie goat lives by her self. but she used to have an younger sister sweet goat that loves being with the wild animals. sweet goat now lives in the woods with wild goats but more other wild animals. ruthie goat loves magic. she has an magic book that she brings with her for traveling. her number 1 hero used to be pleasant goat but when she saw pleasant goat be mean to kit goat. she saw how brave kit was. she is always gets mad at fit goat when he poops in her yard for an random reason. lazy goat does it too but fitty lies that he did it. ruthie goat is scared of villans but kit goat is on her side. kit goats younger sister grace goat is really fun. ruthie goat is adored by her when she sleeps like lazy goat.

friends: kit ( best friend and boyfirend) , slow goat ( adult pal) , warm goat ( best friend), tibbie ( best friend) pretty goat, fit goat ( sometimes), lazy goat ( ex boyfriend) soft goat ( furture teacher), grace goat ( best friend).

age: 9

gender: female