old goat ( or in english sterling) is the slowest goat and oldest on goat village

he is one of the main characters in pleasant goat. he is the teacher at goat village school. he is the leader of all the goats. he carries a cane, wares shoes and glasses.


full name: sterling ( also called old goat, slow goat, slowly, and mr. slowly) age: 100000000000000000 or up QUOTE: " you can't just win, you have to earn something"

age: 1,000,000000000000000000000000,000000000,00,,,,000

species: goat

breed: goat

name: old goat or sterling or slow goat.

story of the leader .

appears Edit

he appears to be a very old goat and old goat lived a long time ago when no body was a live, he had created the species if his breed: goat. he is a white eldery goat with two brown horns carries his cane and never seen with out it, he was bent ears and unkown about his colored eyes. he has wacky hair style which reffers that his job might be hard sometimes.


pleasant goat and lazy goat look on episdoe 1 before old goat came

best friends Edit

his tends to be the only male alone, but his best friend is maybe pleasant goat ( His faveroite student) and he gave pleasant goat the powers to have speed and be the fastest thing of life, this show was almost going to appear on 1991, which there was already a show that was about the fastest thing of life on that year, pleasant goat and slow goat hang out making plans, that's why pleasant goat always trusted old goat, on 2005 episode: 1 pleasant goat and his best friend lazy goat which is the only goat without powers were trapped in a bad castle trying to escape at the begining and then old goat save there lives warning then about the castle. which lazy goat calls old goat best pal or friendo or hipp hipp harroy!

trivia Edit

  • He is related to another character soft goat
  • he is the leader of goat village but pleasant goat does for unkown reasons to the young goats
  • his fave food is any ice cream flavor, hot dogs, and chevon
  • he is right handed
  • he use to be a space goat now he is a mad scientists
  • his birthday is januray. 1

flower goat Edit

flower goat ( in english sunflower) is slow goats wife and she got lost by some lengend and slow goat did say she is having a good time out there hopfully. flower goat is inportant but she is not in the episodes but there goal is to try to save her.

personallity Edit

he is very wise and may wants to be alone doing he is helpful and keeps an eye on the other goats, he is a scientist and a teacher in a schoolhouse. he can be very wasting his time ( He is just old) of walking and he belives everyone can make it on there own.