Little Grey, as seen in Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: The Super Adventure

Little Grey (Simplified Chinese: 小灰灰; also known as Howie in English) is the son of Grey Wolf and Red Wolf. He doesn't appear very often, though more often than Yellow Wolf and Black Wolf. He is a cutie with two big eyes. He likes to go out hunting with his dad but gets lost all the time. He plays a large role in the first movie, The Super Snail Adventure, as well as in the second movie, "The Tiger Poweress". He is friends with Sleepy Goat, and often calls him "brother". He goes to school in the Goat Village down the lane. He is shown to be angry at his parents when they want to capture goats because goats are his friends, which is why they constantly have to lie to him. He gets upset very easily.

he is related to child characters. his eyes are kawaii. he more looks like a dog than a wolf. but he is so mad that red wolf and gery wolf want to kill the goats. little gery is a small version of gery wolf.