Grey Wolf (left).

Grey Wolf (Traditional Chinese: 灰太狼) or Wolffy is the main antagonist, a wolf with a yellow-patched orange cap, as well as a visible facial scar (Caused by Martial Wolf, Wolffy's ancestor in a time travelling shenanigan)Unfortunately, no one(apart from his son, Little Grey A.K.A. 'Lil Willie) treats him with respect or mercy (not even his wife, Red Wolf, A.K.A. Wolnie, and the other wolves). He is often found planning, inventing, and preparing to attack and catch the goats, often failing than succeeding. Even if he is in fact able to catch them, they will escape. in attempts to capture the goats of Goat Village. He uses different sneaky ways to catch the goats, and sometimes dresses like a different animal or break the gate of the goat's home and go in and catch them. He constantly tries to appease his wife, Red Wolf. He has a very hard head from his wife hitting him with her frying pans. It is said that he only tried to capture goats to please his wife, while he would've just settled for a frog or fish.

When defeated, his catchphrase is 'I'll come back for sure, annoying little goats! or I'll come back for sure, annoying Pleasant Goat/Happy Goat/Happy! or just I'll come back for sure!' (可恶的小羊,我一定会回来的! or 可恶的喜羊羊,我一定会回来的! or 我一定会回来的!)