she is lazy and hangs lazy goat sometimes but sometimes she gets in trouble and gets to crazy and ruins kit goats stuff but he still loves her. fit goat gets really whinny when grace gets more food. sometimes grace goat is a picky eater. she secretally thinks kit goat is better than fit goat. she loves hanging with tibbie. she also likes messing with ruthiegoats dresses. warmgoat tells tibbie that grace goat is a trouble goat but a good girl. she wishes to be in slow goats school but she loves her school with fat goat. she use to be homeless then kitgoat found her and she became his sister.

gender: female

friends : pleasant goat ( coisn) kitgoat (brother) fitgoat ( brother) ruthie goat ( best friend) warmgoat ( best friend) pretty goat tibbie ( best friend) slow goat ( fave teacher) soft goat ( not anymore) lazy goat ( best friend) fat goat ( best classmate)

age: unkwon