goat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goat as powers to turn in to the goats like pleasant,pretty,lazy,fit,slow,warm and talking tibbie. goat is fast and wants to safe his friends pulling pranks on the bad guys as tricking as each goat. he wears gold bell


he apeared in "new goat in town"at first he was bossy and prove that he was faster pleasant goat and stronger than fit goat and warm goat. At first he thought tibbie and lazy goat were not cool and babyish. goat thought slow goat was too slow to be like him but he became a sweet friend and learned something new.

he stands on four legs and wares a red hood and a bell on his neck like pleasant goat.

personalltiy Edit

he can be a bad teaser at some points always starting the problems and taking most risks.

he can also be very funny and cheers up the sad goats in the villages. he along with sad goat, gloomy goat that is never NEVER happy. goat always tries to get more goals to think of planing he got powers but slow goat, but still for some reason he looks like a barn yard goat.

trivia Edit

. for unkown reasons his name is goat

. he is a barn yard goat for some reason

. he is more goaT_ LIKE than the others

. he appeared in other things in the backround like in pony. mov, talking tom and friends youtube poop, fnaf freedy and friends, and sonic rush 7 mintunes