A goat with tan skin,Sparky (Simplified Chinese: 沸羊羊) was the weakest goat in Green-Green Grassland until Warm Goat arrived. He is a feisty, aggressive arrogant,whiny with a tendency to underestimate others, but has a bad phobia of cockroaches and thoughts fits his name is fit goat because he may though a fit Interestingly, despite his strength, he is usually to not defeat Grey Wolf in a fist fight except for rare incidences.

He has a crush on t__ve__{"type":"linear","range":} tibbie He loves boxing and likes bullying Lazy Goat. He is friends with Weslie.

Hero Ranking: S+, 19

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  • He is not afraid of anything except cockroaches.
  • He is bad at music.
  • he has a crush on tibbie
  • he is a bab, but he appears to be a teen baby. ( iiiiiiiii)

saying in pleasant goat movie sneak.

yes. what is it.

your reporting.


why are you the leader.

the co leader.

im cool.


lazy goat!

( hurting lazy goat)

you are such a butt.

i am fit goat and i am.....

a baby!

you just called me..a

yes ture. sigh

lazy lazy blah blah.

why do i have to be the co leader.

your so mean. why did you do this i i grrr just want to hurt this video. im the crazy leader.


he also goat his own youtube channel on 2010.

saying in the moments with fit goat minisode 1. its fittys turn.

hi this is fit goat.

lets start with the story.

pleasant goat: thats my book. thanks.

did you just.

pleasant: give me it. its my turn to read it.

no its mine. and no one cant have it. im recording the camreas on.

slow goat: fit goat let him have it.

no. no. but im making this awesome show and and.

slow: let him have it, untill i call your mom and dad.

pleasant: dude your being bad. its my turn.

you you. ahhhhhh.

pleasant: hiiiiiiiiiiyayyyyyy

slow: pleasant goat. remember.

pleasant: it wasn't me.

well. 1 yes. 2 my book. slow goat

slow: well I will beat you. give him that stupid book.


pleasant: thanks. dude. why wolud you do that.


slow: thanks.i got to go to the store. stay here. and fit dont talk to pleasant goat he is reading ok.

yes i know he is.


pleasant: ok this is boring.

thats fine.

i can finally read it. yes yes.

tibbie: oh i will read this book.

tibbie: thanks fit goat.

no thats mine you will never have it.

tibbie: ahhh

don't eat that candy it's expired already!

lazy: don't talk that to me!

NEVER! Give ME That Expired Candy otherwise YOU will get GROUNDED!

*fights Lazy Goat*

*Lazy Goat cries*

deleted chats


book, match, pencil and rainbow dash: you did what?!

nothing. I was such a partners of you.

*caillou touches his cape*

caillou: wow

*sparky shows his created video to caillou, book, match, pencil and rainbow dash*

Video: Can Can Sparky's Ultra Remix

Sparky visits Eqeustria

Twilight said :You know Sparky you had the magic but you don't have magic horns because you're a goat.

Sparky and his 4 friends and Mane 6 conquer Tirevine Sparkle

Twilight: All right every pony, together!

Weslie: Super Blast!

Tirevine Sparkle defeated

meanwhile at Molang's Home

Molang: Distatu piupiu?

Piu Piu: nonognobgknogknognkonkogoknoknonkgonkgonkgono

what are you guys saying?

Doraemon: Use this! Translation Cake!

Pin, Leafy: Rock, paper, scissors.

Pin: Scissors beats paper. I get to push you off!

leafy: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The Second Coming's House:

Stickman opens his laptop

Sparky OS on his computer



Sparky: That's right. I sneak to your computer last night


Laptop restarts


2011-present: Changed name (Sparky)

age: 16.

species: goat

breed: goat

name: fit goat, fitty or sparky.

class: young warrior

enemies: wolffy