fat goat likes to eat every thing he loves food. he getsmnot healthy alot warmgoat is so worryed that he does not exrsizes fit goat always gets mad when he does not exrsizes. he always thinks old goat has food but most the time he does not. tibbie loves being with him just like she likes being with lazy goat. he is the most realtied to lazy goat and eats with him. grace goat also gets lazy with him and lazy goat but somtimes she gets really crazy and wants to play with fat goat. fat goat has a crush on ruthie goat. he is so mad at kit goat for loveing her. he somtimes gets crushes on ruthiegoat hanging out with her goat girl friends tibbie, warmgoat, and grace goat he does get a crush on all four girls but he thinks the prettiest is ruthie goat. pleasnat goat is his second best friend he thinks fit goat is still his best friend but he thinks fat goat is more nice. pleasant goat gives him food fast food because pleasant goats fast. he thinks pleasant goat is most brave but its really kitgoat. he burps and farts alot.