pretty goat is pleasant goats furture boyfriend. in the old series pretty goat is actally was 3 years old in the show. in the older show she was actally an human girl. it is unkown if she looks like an goat or she is dressing up as an goat. she just had goat in her name. her real name is goat pink. she lives in human world. but she has the abilte to speak to animals. she is home shcooled in human world but she goes to school in goat island when beacause she really want to learn what they do. when they made the newer series they changed her in to always an goat. she was nine in the newer show and she was an goat. they changed her to an goat. instead of soft goat in the newer one they made an female character named warm goat. when they made season 2 they add one more character that was an female goat that was warm goats kid. her name does not have goat in it instead it is just tibbie. tibbie has an engilh app called talking tibbie. tibbie looks like pretty goat but more designs than pretty goat. warm goat and tibbie hang out with each other. pretty goat hangs out with the boys now.