birde is an new character in pleasant goat. she is an female bird that wants everything perfect she if friends with the goats.. but she hates pretty goat. birde is an yellow female bird with an flower in her blonde hair. she loves bullying the villains. she loves typing in on her website called purple.

she loves talnets and showed the goats how to do it her way. she is prissy sometimes but she loves fashion. she loves brushing her hair.

at frist she was scared of the goats that they well gobble up her feathers.

she appeared on 2017.


. she is stornger than fit goat and warm goat.

. she has lots of siblings.

. she is jelous of tibbie.

. she knew warm goat when she was young.

. slow goat was birdes actally slow goats new co teacher.

. she sits next to fit goat at school.

. she and lazy goat are best friends.

. she has her dariy with her.

. she sometimes sleeps in tibbies colset.

. she thinks pleasant goat is an boring leader.