bendy is a cartoon devil form the 2017 game bendy and the ink mechine. he is an ink figure.

bendy is a black and white goat with a bow tie. he does not have a name like pleasant goat. he has a name like tibbie. bendy is evil and is more hangs with the villans. he hates pleasnant and his friends.

story of bendy being evil to pleasnant goat, tibbie and the rest of the goats.

bendy use to live in goat island with them. he appeared in episode 1. he became evil in the frist movie.

bendy is more stornger than warm goat. but bendy is not the awesome thing in the world he is more evil than carnivores. he is short and can not reach any thing .

bendys colthing.

bendy does not ware shoes like the rest he and lazy goat do not ware shoes in public. he is wares bow tie on his neck that the villans gave him the 1st time is was evil.

characters rlated to bendy


bendys tail.

his tail is diffrent form the others his tail is long and pointy they called it the special tail when they were friends with him.

bendy and tibbie are cosins,

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