pretty goat goes on dieavant art, posting coments and meets other characters.

pretty goat: i make fan characters.

barney the dinosuar: are you a hugger.

pretty goat, at 1st thinks barney is a villain like he use to be,

bitty baby: i love your show pretty goat will never win!!

the pretty goat article is stub, so go ahead and edit it! this wiki page is trying to show you nice friendship to make the mean people stop,

one day pretty made her wiki with her husband hot goat, who is a famous star.

pretty goat as the wiki maker

barney as the nice person blocking the mean people

hot goat as the edtior/famous wiki acount ( getting his account soon on this wiki in real life)

bitty baby as the mean person editing the rude things.

fone bone as the wiki reader ( shocked about it)

littlefoot ( the land before time) as the wiki helper.

pleasant goat as the boss of telling what bitty baby does.

fit goat and lazy goat as the hackers

slow goat as the good hacker

warm goat as edtior of stub pages.

talking tibbie as the wiki copier,

comming soon, friendship is helpful!!:)